Kick@55 Kicked me in the A$$

Studio: Kick@55 Fitness

Teacher: Rebecca Gahan

Class Name: Kick@55 Total Body Bootcamp

Address: 820 N. Orleans St. (In the back of Hi Fi Fitness)

Sweaty Reviews Fitness Level: Beastmode

Would I recommend?: Hell yes


Studio Review: I scheduled this class because I was maxed out of the studios I usually go to through ClassPass. It was described as a “circuit-style strength training exercise class” with “cardio intervals designed to maximize your caloric burn”. I figured I should try it out.

I took an 11am class on a Saturday morning and found the gym very easily, right at the corner of Orleans and Chicago. I was greeted by a very cute guy with an Australian accent! He me do my initial paperwork and then sent me to the back of the gym to the fitness studio. It was a packed class, which is always a good sign, especially on a Saturday.

Side Note: There are super hot guys at this gym, so for all you single ladies… 😉

The class was insane. We started with a warm up that was as hard as some classes are at there toughest point (burpees, high knees, frog jumps, etc) and then moved into an extremely hard tabata circuit. For those of you who don’t know what a “tabata” is, it is 30 seconds of high intensity, followed by a 5-10 second rest. Each tabata has 8 rounds and there were 5 stations. After the circuit we moved into an army type obstacle course, as if I wasn’t already dead. We then ended with more burpees and some exercises with weights.

Overall, the class was very high intensity, held my interest, and made me sweat like crazy.

Instructor Review: First of all, Rebecca is awesome and is the owner of Kick@55 Fitness, which is pretty cool. She wanted to meet any new people for an introduction – it is nice when the instructor knows your name/cares to meet you. I went up and introduced myself with my girlfriend Erica. Erica had already been emailing with Rebecca because she couldn’t get into the class initially via ClassPass. Rebecca told Erica not to worry, a spot had opened and Rebecca had already emailed ClassPass to ensure Erica was signed up. She definitely went above and beyond. Rebecca was high energy the whole time and is definitely passionate about what she does for a living. She is personally vested in each of the students and even offered to help me review my diet to see how I can attain my fitness goals. Overall, I was thrilled with her and can’t wait to go back.

I have an article that once you read, Kick@55 may become your new obsession. Stand by!


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