CrossFit Adventure

Class Name: CrossFitLife

Teacher: Mike Hoffman

Address: 541 Northgate Pkwy, Wheeling Il

Sweaty Reviews Fitness Level: From Beginner to Beastmode

Would I recommend?:  Yes


Studio/Workout Review: The CrossFit workout is definitely different than anything I have ever done before. The most weight I have ever lifted while strength training is 10lbs and the circuits I do usually have fairly basic moves. CrossFit takes it to the next level on both accounts.

Be prepared to lift heavy weights and learn a whole new lingo for circuit exercises. Also, this is not a high rep class; exercises usually consist of 1-3 reps and then relaxing for a minute. It doesn’t feel very effective while you are doing it (mostly social hour if anything else) but I promise you will feel it the next day.

The heavy weights section is followed by a HIIT section ranging from 6-20 minutes. I have done both a 6 minute and a 20 minute session and they are both definitely exhausting (honestly the 6 minute might have been worse), but I still can’t grasp the concept of how it is more effective than FlyWheel or Shred…. I am working on that!

If you are looking for a workout where the teacher will baby you or let you take breaks (unless of course it is clear you really need one) CrossFit isn’t for you, but if you are down to not be a “girl” about working out try this out. Mike, the instructor/owner, promises me that if I stick with it (about 4 days a week) I will see the results I am looking for and I believe him.

Instructor: My instructor was Mike Hoffman (who also happens to be the owner). I took my very first class with him and he made me feel comfortable and welcome into the CrossFit community. His style is very motivating and hands on. He even invited me back that following Sunday to team up with other more experienced CrossFitters for a free class and even encouraged me to invite my friends and family! It was an awesome morning!

Extras: The gym offers a variety of classes and personal training. Class schedules are listed online and classes include, CrossFit, Yoga and Shred/Cycle type workouts. If you are interested in getting into CrossFit your first week is free!

After our intense Sunday morning workout!

After our intense Sunday morning workout!


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