Fusion Fest at Exhale

Studio: Exhale

Teacher: John Nelson (Assisted by Holly Keskey-Koester)

Class Name: Core Fusion Barre

Address: 945 N. State

Sweaty Reviews Fitness Level: Beginner – Advanced

Would I recommend?: Yes

Website: http://exhalespa.com/

Studio/Class Review: I always tell my girlfriend who loves barre classes (“ballet inspired, core-centric classes”)  that I can’t go with her because they aren’t hardcore enough for me. I’d been to Pure Barre before and I left thinking “how do people think this is a workout.”

Well if you aren’t a believer in Barre or haven’t taken a Barre class, checkout Core Fusion Barre at Exhale. From the moment I entered the room there was nonstop exercises from the bar to the floor. My a$$ was on fire and I was dripping sweat. We held several 2 minute planks while squeezing a ball between our thighs and we did so many plies that I thought I’d never walk again. If you want high energy, constant movement, and an all around solid workout without too much cardio impact this class is for you.

Barre is done either barefoot or with Socks. I recommend the Exhale’s no-slip grip socks … because trust me, you will slip!

Instructor Review: The instructor John was super motivating and full of energy. He (and Holly) were constantly walking around the room to give hands on assist. They genuinely wanted you to do the exercises correctly and were very attentive to everyone in the room. Johns personality made the hour barre class feel like 20 minutes.

Extras: Yesterday was Fusion Fest – The Annual Core Fusion Party! There was a DJ in the studio, free food, and giveaways. It was such a fun experience to be part of!

Also, if you didn’t know, Exhale is also a Spa. Checkout their services here at http://exhalespa.com/.

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Had the best time getting  a solid barre workout in at Exhale for Fusion Fest!

Had the best time getting a solid barre workout in at Exhale for Fusion Fest!

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