On Your Mark Coaching & Training – West Loop

Studio: On Your Mark Coaching & Training – West Loop

Teacher: Danielle York

Class Name: Beastmode

Address: 1101 W. Monroe

Sweaty Reviews Fitness Level: Intermediate – Beastmode

Would I recommend?:  Yes (but don’t expect the Trump of studios)

Website: http://oymtraining.com/

Studio Review: I scheduled this class because I was maxed out of the studios I usually go to through ClassPass. It was described as “15 minutes of legs, 15 minutes ride, 15 minutes of running, 15 minutes of plyos”.

The studio isn’t that easy to find. It is in a basement of a building off Monroe street, so make sure you write the address down! It has a cool vibe overall, but is definitely definition of basement gym with beat up equipment.

We ran on the treadmill for 15 minutes at varying speeds, you made it as difficult as you wanted to (which can always be a bit tricky for me because I almost need someone to tell me “no this isn’t hard enough for you push harder!”. You have to use your best judgement. We then moved to the bike for some intervals (same concept as the treadmill). I wouldn’t call it crazy intense, but it made me break a sweat. At the 35 minute mark we moved to the floor for legs and plyos. The exercises were good, but there was no cardio behind the moves (no plyos at all in my opinion). We moved from each exercise slowly, which brought my heart rate come down.

There also wasn’t enough of the same equipment for everyone, so we made do with either dumbbells or medicine balls of varying weights. Overall I felt I got a good workout, but the name makes it sound more intimidating then it was.

Teacher Review: Danielle was an awesome teacher. She was yelling at you the whole time while we were on the bikes and treadmills. She had a fantastic energy that made you want to run harder. She chose really hard exercises that definitely made me shake while I was doing them. I loved her vibe and I will definitely seek her out next time I go back.

Extras: The gym also offers Nutritional Guidance, Athletic Testing, a Kids Room, and more.


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