Flywheel @ Flywheel Old Town (w/ Everett)

Studio/Class: Fly45 @ Flywheel Sports

Location: Old Town

Address: 1653 N Wells St. Chicago, IL. 60614

SweatReviews Fitness Level: All Levels

Instructor: Everett Moran

Reviewer: Erica K

Class Review: Here’s the deal. If you’re familiar with Flywheel, you know that this is one of the most productive 45 minutes of your life. If you are skeptical about a $25 dollar cycling session, well this is what you should know.

Flywheel is a high intensity interval-training (HIIT) workout on a bike. This indoor cycling studio is equipped with bikes that allow you to see exactly how hard you’re working at any given second. Throughout class, the instructor cues you to adjust speed (RPMs) and intensity (Torque) on your bike for a series of pushes that encompasses sprint and hill work. Occasionally, the instructor will cue you to change your Current number (a combination of RPMs and Torque). The goal of class is to work towards a final Power number, which is a reflection of how hard your ride was.

In class, you ride to the beat of 11 different songs with one song allocated to working arms given a weighted bar. The class is held in a dark studio, the music is loud and bumping and the instructor will intermittently display your class ranks on a Torque Board (option to opt out).

Instructor Review: I have taken Everett’s class numerous times and I keep coming back for more. Everett does a great job of making you feel completely empowered throughout the whole ride. At the beginning of this class, he said to us, “I don’t care what you do, just give me your best.” This was exactly the type of motivation I needed to get through my workout today. As the ride got stickier, his words of encouragement kept me pushing and even laughing (“Relax, it’s just indoor cycling.”). Everett’s playlist was a collection of up beat songs that I loved (Brittney, Beyonce.. I mean come on). Overall, his positive energy and excitement about Flywheel is what made for an amazingly hard but fun ride.

Would I recommend: Is that a serious question? Pretty sure I recommend Flywheel to everyone. This is 100 percent not a regular indoor cycling class and there are very few gyms/studios that will offer you a workout quite like this. I have to say, I get both excited and nervous for this class every time. Excited because I know how fun it is, but nervous my legs and lungs will legit give out. I actually think Everett said it perfectly today, “It never get’s easier, but it definitely gets better.”

Extras: There are two studios in downtown Chicago (Old Town and Gold Coast). You can book classes in advance through the Flywheel application (classes fill fast) or through ClassPass (select times available). The Old Town studio is my favorite. It’s large and spacious and definitely trumps all other cycling studios I’ve been to. All flyers are welcome to free apples, bananas and towels. Cycling shoes are provided with the booking of each class. Water bottles are sold for $2.

Flywheel also has a great application that tracks performance in each class (total distance, calories burned, avg torque/rpm), shows class rank and keeps track of each class you’ve ever taken.


IMG_4768 IMG_4770


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