Fit60 Sculpt W/ Anngela Leone @ Yoga Six

yoga 6

Studio: Yoga Six

Class: Fit60 Sculpt

Address: 1150 N State (Gold Coast)

SweatyReviews Fitness Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Instructor: Anngela Leone

Reviewer: Lindsey

 Class Review: I would typically describe other sculpt classes I have taken as strenuous, high intensity, and challenging. I always leave drenched in sweat. The Fit60 Sculpt class at Yoga Six was the off steroids (beginner version) of other sculpt classes I have taken. While it still included weights and cardio sections, the moves were less challenging with fewer reps, the room was not as warm, and the cardio bursts weren’t as intense.

Sculpt can be intimidating, so this version is perfect for someone looking to get into sculpt at a slower pace with a smaller group (there were only about 5 other people in my 6:30pm class). The studio itself is gorgeous and the front desk is super friendly. Hands down one of the nicest studios I’ve been to yet.

Instructor Review: My instructors name was Anngela. She was very friendly when I walked in; she introduced herself, handed me the weights I wanted to use, and asked the class if anyone had any injuries (which I always appreciate). The moves she instructed us to do during class were challenging enough, but the # of reps and the order we moved in didn’t have a great flow. I would have preferred to ‘max’ out squats then move to abs instead of constantly intertwining them. I felt it was harder for me to feel the burn with this choreography. Her overall attitude and motivation was great.

Would I recommend? I would recommend this class for a sculpt newbie. I feel someone who is used to taking heated yoga sculpt at other studios might be underwhelmed.


Yoga Six extends a 15% discount to full-time students, teachers, fitness professionals, seniors (65+) and active military personnel and dependents.

Yoga Six allows friends and family members to share 10 and 20 class cards. 10 and 20 class cards may be shared between friends, siblings and couples. Class cards may be shared. Monthly unlimited memberships cannot be shared.


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