Studio: Lateral Fitnesslateral instructor

Class Name: Sculpt

Address:  314 W Superior St, Lower Level

Location: River North

Sweaty Reviews Fitness Level: Intermediate-Beast Mode

Instructor: Adrie Fit

Reviewer: Lindsey

Class Review: If you need to rev up on your weight training, this is the class to come to! I am personally intimidated by the weight room at the gym and have been looking for a way to get in some heavy weight lifting. This class did just that. It is a total body toning class using free weights and resistance bands. We each had a set of heavy and medium weights and performed a series of exercises that hit every muscle group to exhaustion. I was literally shaking when I left the hour long class. It is also perfect for those who need a lower impact exercise class, but still want to burn some serious calories.

Instructor: Adrienne or “AdrieFit” as they call her at Lateral Fitness has been personal training since 1995 and teaching group fitness since 2006. She is super motivating and has you constantly moving. She will have you working until the very last minute of class. It also helps that she looks the part, she has guns for days!

Attire: Nothing special needed here. Just gym shoes and your game face.

Extras:  $33 for 3 classes for new clients or unlimited classes are $180 a month. They also offer a “lunch time” membership from 10am – 2pm Monday through Friday. This membership includes: full access to cardio, strength equipment, and full amenity showers. Email them for more details !!

Would I recommend?:  Yes


Lateral lockers    Lateral studio



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