Yoga Sculpt w/ Daniele P @ CorePower Yoga Gold Coast

11698416_3183211136439_4949817000754831967_nStudio: CorePower Yoga Gold Coast

Class: Yoga Sculpt

SweatyReviews Fitness Level: Advanced-Beastmode

Address: 12 W Maple St. Chicago, IL.

Instructor: Daniele Presto

Reviewer: Erica K

Class Review: Yoga Sculpt is by far one of the most challenging classes around. It  combines heat, weights and cardio for a total body workout that targets every major muscle group, boosts metabolism and pushes your strength and flexibility to the max (imagine basic c1 on steroids). 

The class began with a flow through basic yoga movements. Gradually the pace picked up and weights were added (i.e., low lunge with bicep curl). Bursts of cardio (mountain climbers, jump squats) were embedded into the routine with a full song dedicated strictly to cardio movement (high knees, jacks, a-jacks, football runs, jump squats). Chaturanga’s were worked in to the flow to help transition us between movements. The class concluded with a final floor circuit to work core and glutes (bridges).

Instructor Review: Daniele led nothing short of a challenging class. Her energy and motivational words were highly inspiring and she kept us pushing through every last rep. Throughout class, Daniele moved and scanned the room providing a known presence that led us to the finish. As a former cardio enthusiast, Daniele came into yoga and yoga sculpt as a way to get the same benefits while being gentle on her body (more info about Daniele at She even incorporated a lot of barre-type movements (isometric pulses/holds for legs and butt) for a dynamic strength and sculpting workout.

When I spoke to Daniele after class, I asked her to explain the difference between strength training in a class like Yoga Sculpt vs. sculpting in a Barre class. Daniele was more than generous to provide a brief explanation that differentiated the two workouts; both advertising toning benefits.

Here’s what she said… 

Yoga sculpt is more focused on weight bearing exercises while strength training (think holding low lunge while doing a set of bicep curls). While performing these exercises, several large muscle groups are working. For example the quad in the lunge and the biceps in the bicep curl. When I want a full body heart pumping workout Sculpt is the better option. 

Barre focuses on isolating a specific muscle group and contracting/working it to absolute fatigue through small range movements; therefore building muscle definition, endurance and stamina. “I’ve found that when I want to “spot train” (like pick a spot of my body and see results) Barre is most successful. However, every body works and reacts differently, and this is just my personal experience.

** Daniele teaches Barre Code classes at The Barre Code on Michigan Ave.** 

Would I recommend? I would absolutely consider Daniele to be one of my preferred Yoga Sculpt teachers thus far. I particularly enjoyed her energy and style, as it was the perfect balance of challenging, energetic, meditative and even fun… well as fun as sweating your face off can be 😉

Extras: There are fourteen plus CorePower Yoga studios in the Chicagoland area (Sauganash, Bucktown, Gold Coast, Lakeview, Lincoln Park, Lincoln Square, Roscoe Village, South Loop, Streeterville, Uptown, West Loop, Hyde Park, Old Town and River North). Many of the classes are available through ClassPass. However, popular class times fill up quickly and space is limited to CP users. Your first week at Core is free, as well as your second, if you buy a mat. Rental mats can are purchased for $2 and towels for $1.


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