Strength w/ Dawn Kollmorgen @ Crosstown Fitness West Loop

Class: Strength crosstown

Studio: Crosstown Fitness Chicago

Address: 1031 W. Madison St. (West Loop)

Instructor: Dawn Kollmorgen

SR Fitness Level: All Levels

Attire: Gym shoes required


Class Review: This class is extremely low impact (ehem NO cardio) which makes it great for those with joint issues or just for those who despise cardio in general. The class is made up of exercises involving free weights, kettle bells, TRX, and body weight.

The class was broken down into 3 sections with 3 exercises in each section that lasted 2 minutes each. The 3 exercises are repeated 2 times before moving on. (EX: dead lifts for 2 minutes, kettle bell crunches for 2 minutes, and superman’s for 2 minutes (X2). This ensured that you exhausted each muscle group before moving on.

Since this isn’t an ACT question, let me help you out with the math here. This exercise sequence equated to a total of 12 minutes a section for a total workout of 36 minutes (There was also about a 10 minute warm up and a quick stretch at the end). This class was perfect for a non-morning person trying to get a good workout in.

Instructor Review: Dawn was an incredibly friendly and attentive instructor. The second I walked in she knew I was an unfamiliar face and immediately made me feel comfortable. She introduce herself and asked if I had ever been to Crosstown Fitness before (she is genuinely interested in  getting to know her students!) Even though the class had ~30 students in it, I still felt like I got tons of individualized attention, which is a rarity. She truly is a gem.

Photo from

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Extras: When you check into Crosstown you can put your name down for a smoothie that will be prepared and ready for you by the end of class! Perfect for people like me who rolled out of bed and will, most likely, just roll right into work and need a quick nutritious breakfast.

Would I recommend? Absolutely. They offer many different types of classes, so checkout the schedule for more details. I will be back on Friday for Total Body!


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