Peloton Cycle w/ Katie Sido @ Studio III

Studio III PelotonStudio: Studio Three

Class Name: Peloton Cycle

Address:  648 N Clark

Location: River North

Sweaty Reviews Fitness Level: Beginner – Beast Mode

Instructor: Katie Sido

Reviewer: Lindsey


Studio/Class Review: 

The studio is in an amazing location, multiple levels, and is overall definitely impressive. They offer awesome high-end skincare products by E.O and a cold-pressed juice bar, by Real Good Juice Co. After your workout there is no need to go home and change for work or go find a great, refreshing breakfast… Studio Three has it all!

The cycle studio is spacious and is equipped with high-tech iPad type devices which show you your torq, calories burned, RPMs, as well as time elapsed. There is also a leader board for the ultimate competition, which is linked with riders from AROUND THE WORLD! This is the ONLY live Peloton broadcast studio in the US outside of NYC.

The innovative idea of integrating Yoga, Indoor cycling, and HIIT all in one gym is genius. This studio will definitely give ClassPass a run for their money. I would move into Studio Three if I had my choice!

Instructor Review:

Being as this was my first class EVER on a Peloton bike as well as my first class at Studio Three, it would have been helpful for the instructor to take a few minutes to explain the bike and the different stats on the screen. After I had a chance to acclimate to the technology I was able to settle in a bit more. Katie had great energy and lead the class well. I wouldn’t say I left class breathless, but I definitely got a good workout in! Overall, it felt like a typical indoor cycling class on a fancy bike.

Additionally, it would be helpful for the studio to give a heads up to new Peloton riders about starting an  online account (vs. riding as ‘guest’). An online account allows you to see your rank on the screen during class, and will help save/track your progress.

Attire: This is a brand new studio in River North (upscale and trendy are some descriptive words I would use) so you might as well look the part! Try the hot new athletic line Bandier (Sign up for their email list for early access to their Black Friday sale and 10% off your first order!)

Extras: This studio also offers HIIT and Yoga classes, memberships are available for all 3 or individually

Deals:  Use PROMO CODE: GRANDOPEN2015 for an additional 20% off all monthly unlimited and series/packages (only good for a short time!)

Would I recommend?:  Yes



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