10 Tips For A Healthy Holiday

Staying in shape and swearing off cravings is a constant battle, but an even bigger struggle during the holidays. Between work parties, Friendsgivings, nights out and mom’s turkey stuffing it’s truly survival of the fittest. The most important thing during the holidays is to enjoy the time with friends and family; however, striking a balance between healthy, fun and happy never hurts either. Below are 10 helpful tips and tricks for enjoying yourself, while also staying mindful and not derailing the hard work you put in on a 48 week basis. 

  1. Be realistic with yourself during the holidays. Unless you’re willing to forgo all the wonderful food you wait a year to eat, you’re likely not going to lose a pound during this season. My advice; shred to eat, not lose. Staying in shape involves periods of maintenance and there is nothing wrong with setting a goal to maintain your weight during the next couple of weeks.
  2. Don’t skip meals just because you know you will be eating a lot at later. Eating a balanced breakfast and even having a snack before your festivities can greatly reduce a lot of extra calories consumed by feeling ravenous when you get inside the door.
  3. Plan time for exercise and make sure you workout a little harder this week and the weeks to come. Working out harder doesn’t mean you have to spend longer hours in the gym. Up your intensity or weight and your body will burn more calories during and after your workout.
  4. Cook your own healthy dish! Research a healthy appetizer, veggie or side dish recipe and bring it to the party. Make one healthy and one unhealthy recipe to get your cravings out on the stove.
  5. Eat until you’re comfortable not stuffed. Knowing you’re going to eat a lot is a given, but don’t forget to check in with yourself every 30 minutes to see how full you really are. I like to tell myself to wait another 30 minutes before I go for seconds to see if I even want them.
  6. Fill up on turkey! Load your plate up with white meat turkey and put the gravy on the side for dipping. Of course you’re allowed sides, but if you fill your tummy up with heathy protein, you might not want as much 😉
  7. Survey the table before going for the kill. Decide what you really want to eat and lightly sample the rest.
  8. Stay off the scale for several days. A lot of weight we gain during the holidays is from water and bloat. Weigh yourself a week after your festivities to see what the damage (if any) really is.
  9. Watch the calories on alcohol. Starting with a glass of wine is fine, especially if it keeps you socializing vs. eating, but make sure you don’t double your dinner with the calories in alcohol.
  10. Enjoy your holiday and worry about the mess later! 


Happy Thanksgiving from Sweaty Reviews!

(photo: http://www.organicsoul.com; blog by Erica K)


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