Soul Cycle with Sandra!

Soul Cycle UES

Studio: Soul Cycle

Address: 82nd and 3rd Avenue

Sweaty Reviews Fitness Level: All

Instructor: Sandra

Reviewer: Eileen

Class Review:

Having not done spin in over a year, I was intimated to try Soul Cycle. Soul Cycle seems to have this reputation as a cult, so I figured it wouldn’t be that inviting…but I was wrong!! I quickly figured out what the hype was about, and why it is so addicting.

I showed up, and my first class was only $20, which included shoes. (After your first class it is $37, and shoes are not provided). Everyone was really helpful and so welcoming! The instructor personally came over and helped me adjust my bike, and gave me some tips about riding, and how to have correct alignment.

Whoever said cycling isn’t a full body workout has never taken Sandra’s Soul Cycle class. Of course we worked our legs the entire time, but there was an entire song dedicated to weights. While we cycled we held 2 pound weights and did a variety of arm toning exercises! There were also ab exercises scattered throughout many different songs.

The class takes place almost completely in the dark, but with candles. So it really helps for you to focus on yourself, instead of comparing to others. The instructor has minimal light shining on her at the front of the class, but she adjusted the lights with the feel of the song. So when the song picks up and the beat drops the lights get more intense. It really helps with the energy of the room! Soul Cycle just really thought of it all. The mix of loud music pumping, dark lights, the riders all cheering and an awesome teacher made for an incredible class.

Something to know about Soul Cycle is every instructor and class is different. You can go on their website and see each instructor’s playlist. So pick a class that you vibe with!

Instructor Review:

Sandra really knew how to keep the energy high in the room. Her playlist was really fun, and she knew how to work/ motivate the room. She was great at reminding us of the proper technique. To keep our chests high, and to never let our weight collapse onto the steering wheel of the bike.

What I appreciated most about Sandra was how motivational she was. One thing that really stuck with me was, “if it hurts it means your body is changing so keep pushing.” I loved that. It really motivated me to not let fatigue get the best of me. On the other hand, she constantly gave suggestions on how to modify. She explained if you’re tired move back in your seat or remove the choreography, but don’t lose the technique to keep up.

Facilities: Soul Cycle’s facilities are really nice. The provide lockers, locker rooms and towels for their guests. The company does a great job of carrying the theme of the brand from start to finish. Everything is crisp, clean and inviting!



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