How to Prep for a Long Weekend

Prepping for a long summer weekend rarely involves finding time to fit in a workout, and we don’t blame you! Summer is a time to enjoy life more than usual. Whether its drinking and eating at a street festival, partying on boats or wining and dining  on a cool summer patio; there’s no reason to deny yourself what you deserve after 265 days of hibernation. At Sweaty Reviews we agree that summer is the time to enjoy yourself, but we’d like to look good doing it! That’s why we’re bringing to you our favorite summer tips and tricks for turning up the heat right before the long weekend.

Take a HIIT class

Well this is a no brainer. HIIT cardio is the fastest and most efficient way to burn calories and speed up metabolism by implementing intense periods of plyometric exercises and interval speed work. Substitute one barre or relaxation yoga workout for an extra HIIT class this week and get extra energized for the weekend.

Studio Recommendations: Torch @ Studio Three // Cycle @ Studio Three // Total Body @ Shred415 // Booty, Barbells & Burpees Bootcamp @ Kick@55 Fitness // Total Body @ CrossTown Fitness

Energize with a Power Yoga

Not all yoga is created equal. Power Yoga will help release tension in your muscles while simultaneously energizing your body, giving you the boost you’ll need to enjoy your exciting adventures for the weekend!

Studio Recommendations: Power Yoga @ Yoga Six // C2 @ CorePower Yoga (favorite teachers Mar M and Chelsea G) // Hi-Def and Advanced Hi-Def @ Studio Three (power yoga plus strength).

Eat clean before the weekend

Loading up on veggies, fruit and lean protein while limiting carbs and sodium is the fastest/healthiest way to rid your body of bloat and excess fat right before you need to slip into that bikini.

Take your workout outside the studio

Sometimes the monotony of exercise comes not from a boring old run, but following the same routine over and over. If group fitness has been your go to the last few months and your Saturday morning fitness class is just not in the cards this weekend, try to hit the lake front for at least a 30 minute run, bike, or swim. Include short interval bursts of 45 seconds pushing at your peak effort.

Schedule a morning class

We all know that commitment is half the battle! Schedule morning classes the day of and after a long weekend in preparation and recovery for the long weekend.

Kick Pic 1

(photo at kick@55 fitness in river north)

Happy and Healthy Fourth of July from Sweaty Reviews! 🙂


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