What Fitness Level Are You?

What fitness level are you?
As I post my blogs I will refer to different fitness levels. Here is a glossary below – learn em’, memorize em’, set a goal to push yourself beyond the level you fall into. If you are already “Beastmode” then keep on rockin!
Beginners (aka “newbies”):
  • Has rarely (if ever) ever attended a workout class
  • Prefers low intensity (rarely break a sweat)
  • Never weight trained
  • Unsure of endurance level
  • Needs to learn the basics

Recommended Classes (or similar to):

  • Yoga 1 – Beginning Power Yoga (CorePower Yoga)
  • Flow Yoga Basic (Exhale)
  • The Barre Code (The Barre Code Studio)
Intermediate (aka “knows the ropes”)
  • Attends at least 8 workout classes a month
  • Prefers moderate intensity (break a sweat)
  • At least some base level of strength and muscle
  • Understands what HIIT (high intensity interval training) is

Recommended Classes (or similar to):

  • Yoga 2 – Heated Power Yoga (CorePower Yoga)
  • Pure Barre
  • The Barre Method
  • Interval/Bar-dio (The Barre Code Studio)
Advanced (aka “can KILL it”)


  • Attends at least 12 workout classes a month
  • Prefers high intensity (always break a sweat)
  • Has a solid base level of strength and muscle
  • Prefers HIIT, circut trianing, or anything that keeps the heart rate up

Recommended Classes (or similar to):

  • Shred415
  • Flywheel
  • ​Core Fusion Cardio (Exhale)
Beastmode (aka “RARRRR”)


  • Attends at least 16 classes a month
  • Won’t go to a class unless it will “literally kill me”
  • Understands own strength and muscle ability (and pushes those to the limits)
  • If I won’t leave dead, I don’t want to go

Recommended Classes (or similar too)

  • NEW Core Fusion Extreme (Exhale)​
  • Bootcamp (Kick@55 Fitness)
  • Beastmode (On Your Mark Coaching & Training)
  • Yoga Sculpt (CorePower Yoga)
  • Total Body (CrossTown Fitness Chicago)

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