CycleBar Fulton Market / West Loop

I love when our readers email in a blog post on a new studio they love! This one comes with some awesome deals too! Thanks Meredith Yorchak for your tip on this hot new spot!

CycleBar is a cycling studio with locations popping up all over the US. My favorite aspect of CycleBar is the stats they offer. Each bike comes with a dashboard that shows what gear you are on, your RPM and power.  “CycleStats measure the six key metrics of your daily and historical performance—and emails you the result after every ride to help you track the progress of your fitness journey.”

CycleBar is a bit more affordable than other cycling studios by offering memberships and free shoes and water. The most recent Chicago location is in Fulton Market/West Loop. Not only is the location and schedule super convenient, but they are some awesome deals going on:

Overall, the amenities, bikes, instructors and music are top notch.  I would definitely recommend CycleBar and it’s good for any fitness level!

cycle bar

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