Vie Active

I recently came across a new legging brand while surfing the internet for some fun new workout gear. I’ve been in a rut about working out so I figured some new threads would change that.

After looking through all the usual sites, I came across Not only did they have the new fresh patterns I’ve been craving for, but the story of how Vie Active came to be was really interesting.

The idea for the brand was born in Bondi Beach, Australia by founder Noa Ries. After suddenly losing her father, working out became her therapy and ultimately her career as a personal trainer. Because of her career choice she found she was living in leggings, unstylish ones at that – which didn’t fly with her. To make a long story short she created Vie Active with a mission to fuse performance and style.

Performance and Style – I can totally relate. I added them to my shopping cart.

I was a bit concerned about purchasing the leggings because they are a bit pricey and you never really know what you’re going to get from a random active wear site that you don’t know much about – but I before I knew it I had entered my Credit Card info and hit submit.

I received them in the mail a few days later and I was SO impressed. They were really nicely packaged in individual zippy bags and the material felt legit. I put them in my bag to wear to class the next day.

After taking class in these leggings, the ultimate test, I can proudly declare I will be ordering from here again. Not to mention their customer service is out of this world. If you have a problem, they will email you back immediately and it’s not just some automated response.

I’ll be back Vie Active! Thank you and keep making more stylish leggings for me!

Pictured below the Whitney 7/8 Legging in Bronze Leopard – run true to size

Vie 1

I thought the seam on the tush was pretty cute too…

Vie 2

Sweaty Reviews


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