Who We Are


Ever ride your a$$ off in a spin class and think, “Geez how did I not know about this instructor!?” Well don’t worry, we have your back.

Welcome to SWEATY REVIEWS. This website is designed to allow fitness enthusiasts of all levels to share their experiences about different classes and instructors around Chicago.

– Which classes are the most advance
– Which classes are better for a beginner
– Which teacher will push you the hardest
– Which teacher gives the most hands on assistance

AND so much more!

We are constantly evolving as a new start-up. Bare with us as we change from a caterpillar to a fit as F*CK butterfly!


Build a network of fitness enthusiasts that can help guide gym and class goers in the right direction. We understand that knowledge is power. That is why we are taking the knowledge of your friends and fellow classmates to a forum where we can honestly discuss our feelings about various classes and instructors. We hope to provide people with relevant knowledge of fitness resources that will ultimately assist them in determining a fitness regimen that is right for them.

Meet the Bloggers

sweaty reviews

Lindsey Louis, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Who She Is: Lindsey is a Sr. Project Analyst for an insurance company who is obsessed with ClassPass and can’t sleep until her week is booked up. She wants to share her knowledge of new found studios across Chicago for all those other ClassPass goers who don’t know what to do when they max out at their favorite classes! She has always loved group exercise, whether it was at her local dance studio growing up or being on her high school Poms team.

Fitness Level:  Advanced to Beast mode.

Erica Kogan, Fitness Contributor, Health Guru

Who she is: Erica is a working Speech Pathologist who developed a love and passion for health and fitness at a young age from growing up in a family of dedicated exercisers. She loves both group fitness classes and running, and finds it easy to stay in shape given the right balance of fitness, food and fun!

Fitness Level: Advanced to Beast Mode

Ariel Ginsburg, Fitness Contributor, Fashion Contributor

Who She Is: Ariel is a stylist and fashion blogger (ArielPeche.com). She’s an east coast transplant in Chicago and attends classes because she bores easily from repetition and likes the added motivation of a group setting. She likes any workout that is quick-paced and makes you sweat. She also dislikes distasteful  workout outfits.

Fitness Level: Advanced

Julie Louis,  Business Development Manager & Contributor

Who She Is: Julie is an Account Manager for an eCommerce company. She is a lover of music, fashion, and most of all Lou Malnati’s – AKA her workout motivation. She is an exceptionally powerful writer and speaker who loves to utilize her gifts to create, negotiate, influence, and build solid relationships.

Fitness Level: Advanced

Sweat, Review, Repeat

One thought on “Who We Are

  1. Jake says:

    Hey Lindsey! My name is Jake, and you were actually recommended through some Jewish friends. Pretty random, and a little off beat for you, but I need someone to do fitness write ups for kids here in Chicago. If this is something you’d be interested in let me know. JRGlickman@yahoo.com

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