SWEAT Chicago

Studio: SWEAT Chicago

Teacher: Paul Michael Rahn

Class Name: SWEAT

Address: 1165 N. State

Sweaty Reviews Fitness Level: Beastmode

Would I recommend?:  Yes

Website: http://www.chicagosweat.com/

Studio Review: I had been to SWEAT one time before, right when they opened, and I didn’t remember loving it. I decided I would give it another shot since I am looking to spice up my workout routine. The class is described as a “high intensity, circuit-based course, designed to maximize a total body workout and leave you toned and defined.” The essence is HIIT circuits… and that is exactly what I got!

In the beginning of class the instructor walked through all of the circuit exercises and then had us do a 5 minute warm up. I was a bit worried at first that I wouldn’t get a good workout in as we spent the first 15 minutes of class not doing much, but 45 minutes of class is ALL YOU NEED (and can handle, trust me!). The class was meant to target your butt, so the circuits were filled with squats, rowing, uphill running, etc. As I write this review my a$$ and thighs are literally burning.

Obviously others have caught on to how great this class is; it was packed (30 people) and there was even a wait list to get in (I know because I asked for a girlfriend who wanted to meet me).

Also, the studio is in an awesome location, right on the corner of State & Division. It is currently going through renovation so when you walk in, it looks like no one is home (but don’t worry the classes are all held in the basement, so if you get confused, just head for the stairs).

I definitely SWEAT(ed) to the next level and so happy I gave it another shot! I will be back!

Teacher Review: It turns out that my teacher, Paul, was the owner of the studio. He was extremely energetic and motivating throughout class. He even cracked a few a$$ jokes in the beginning (since it was butt day and all) which was fun! He also gives hands on corrections, which I really appreciate. Nothing is worse than spending 10 minutes on an exercise that you are doing wrong. I look forward to signing up for more classes with him and get SWEAT(y)!

Sweat, Review, Repeat

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