NEW Core Fusion Extreme @ Exhale

Studio: Exhale

Class: New Core Fusion Extreme

Address: 945 N State St (Gold Coast)

SweatyReviews Fitness Level: Advanced – Beastmode

Instructors: John Nelson or Holly Keskey-Koester

Reviewer: Lindsey

Class Review: If you are looking for a true circuit training class that moves at an extremely fast pace, this class is for you! Each month the circuit changes – which is awesome because you have the full month to master the moves and get stronger at the ones you struggle with. The class begins with a quick explanation of all the moves, a warm up, the workout (~40 minutes), core work, and a stretch. Expect 5 stations with 2 exercises at each one. Each exercise is 40 seconds long followed by a 10 second recovery (you will be at each station for about 4 minutes). The moves range from TRX, to cardio movements, to strength exercises. Overall it will rev your heart rate up really quickly.

Instructor Review:  Both John and Holly are awesome instructors. They keep an eye on everyone and make sure that your form is right. They are high energy and help make the class go by really quickly. I can always hear them say “You will leave stronger than when you came in” regardless of what class I’m at.

Extras: Exhale is a beautiful studio. It is also a spa so it has a great locker room with towels, robes, flipflops, etc. This is my go to spot when I have to workout in the morning. They offer everything from barre, to ‘EXTREME’, to yoga.


Exhale Studio

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